When it came to footwear there were always two very distinct camps. 

Shoes in one, sneakers in the other. Let us quickly explain the distinction. 

- Traditional shoes such as high quality leather lace-ups are made in small-scale shoe factories or boutiques. 
- Shoe construction techniques involve hand stitching and turning.  
- Absence of performance materials. 

- Performance type shoes are usually mass produced. 
- Limited use of expensive materials such as leather. 
- Extensive use of advanced synthetic materials.

Krossen has bridged that gap. Krossen’s shoes are not made in sneaker factories. We use shoe making factories to make our sneakers. 

That luxury sneaker production is the single biggest factor that makes us stand out from the crowd. Our sneaker construction involves stitching, turning and cementing.

We use a stitched and turned upper technique that is applied to a sneaker midsole. Very few factories have the tools or techniques to do that, and those that do utilise that process, are used in luxury brands.

This means every single Krossen sneaker features premium materials, luxury detailing, superior craftsmanship and signature design.

It’s a no expense spared approach and it’s not for everyone, but for those who want to elevate their personal style with a decent pair of kicks, you can look no further than those from our luxury sneaker brand.