Our passion lies in creating luxury footwear that elevates the way you look and feel. 

We understand the importance of the craftsmanship that goes into creating shoes that are built to impress and styled to perfection. 

Every premium shoe we produce features meticulous details that feel hand made. From our stitching to our cementing, we control every step of the process.   

Fast fashion is on its way out and we are happy to step in to fit the up and coming needs of the industry. 

With a focus on luxury and intentional detailing, Krossen has become an innovator and boundary-pusher in the footwear space.

Our products are made with high-quality leather and created with a desire to transform even the most classic outfit. 

We know how important footwear is for cultivating the perfect ensemble and we have made it our mission to provide the kind of sneakers that tie it all together.   

The designs we proudly share with our customers are a combination of passion, purpose, and intention. We hope that when you slip on a pair of our sneakers, you feel ignited with the desire to go after whatever it is you seek.

Craftsmanship and manual touches are what set us apart from all other sneaker companies. 

Our values keep us pushing forward to continue changing the industry as we know it.   Our shoes represent innovation, style, and functionality.

 It is our hope that the memories you make while wearing our luxury sneakers fuel you with the same passion for creation that we experience here at Krossen.